omdb is a media database that does not have a permanent, paid editorial staff, but is the work of volunteer authors. You are also welcome to contribute to omdb.

Every visitor can immediately create new movies and other media or improve existing articles. You can find more information about this under Add new movie. If you decide to register, you have many more options (see below). Clicking on the “Register” button in the menu bar opens the dialog for an uncomplicated registration at omdb.

Advantages of a registration

With the free registration you create a permanent user account at omdb. This is not mandatory – you can use a lot of functions without registration – but registration has a number of advantages:

  1. You will have a user page where you can introduce yourself and a discussion page where others can contact you.
  2. You get the possibility to upload pictures and photos.
  3. You can vote on categories and action keywords.
  4. You can “lock” certain data and thus protect it from changes.
  5. Instead of your IP address, your username is displayed in the version history.
  6. You can rate media and put them on your personal watchlist.

A detailed overview of the functions available to unregistered and registered users can be found at:

The user page

You can access your user page when you are logged in and click on “My profile” in the menu bar. There you can design your personal user page according to your own needs.


If you are logged in, your rating will be displayed as an orange bar for media, next to the blue bar that shows the overall rating. The titles of media you have put on one of your personal lists will be underlined orange on the omdb pages. On your user page you can view and download your watchlist and your ratings.

Forgot your password?

Never mind! Omdb will immediately send you an email with which you can assign yourself a new password.

Just click on “Login” -> “Forgot your password?” and enter your valid email address.

Omdb will then automatically send an email within the next few minutes containing a specific link. You should then follow this link to enter your new password there.