Clicking on the “Register” button in the top menu bar opens the dialog for officially registering with omdb. There you must now enter the following data about yourself:

  • Username (your name at omdb, freely selectable)
  • Password (your personal password, freely selectable)
  • Confirm Password (the password must be entered again)
  • Email (a valid email address)

All other data is voluntary. By pressing the “Send” button you confirm your entry and an email with the access data will be sent to the specified email address. All further steps are then described in this email.

Choice of username

You can choose your real name as a username, but of course you can also choose a nickname – depending on which one you feel more comfortable with. But keep in mind that others will call you by that name as well. Please do not use names that could conflict with laws in Germany or other countries. It is also forbidden to use protected company names such as “FIFA WM 2006” or similar.