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A genre defines a group of films which show common characteristics under a certain aspect.

What is a Genre?

Under a film genre one will find a group of films that all share a similar aspect that is characteristic of the parent genre. These commonalities could be anything from the films method of delivery, a prevailing mood in the film, specific plot themes addressed, or specific historical references. Parent genres as you can guess often give birth to subgenres that divide the parent genre into even more specific categories.

In their entirety film genres have an order. Yet this order is not exactly defined as the boarders can be crossed like any other art form. History can also have an effect on genres as new genres are created and old genres are reinterpreted. Genres can also hold different meaning in different cultures and languages.

Genre definitions are constantly changing with the times; a new and successful genre film not only draws from already existing films in a genre but brings new elements to the playing field. Because of the differences between new and old genres new elements are added as the process of defining genres is changed by society’s opinions.

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