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The history genre are any movies influenced by historical events. Therefore including movies portraying actual events in history or films based on actual events in history or fictitious films set in a historical context. The first movies from this genre were made in Italy in the 1920’s.

Film, as modern construct of the study of history, maintains a vital role. as currently the most popular medium of studying history, film (and therefore filmmakers) have the duty of producing an accurate rendition of the past. it is unjust to evaluate history by the standards of written history, as each and all mediums have their individual merits.

“In the course of this year [2004], most Australians will watch a history program on television. Half of them will visit a museum or a historic site. A tiny minority will open a book written by a university-based historian”. – The History Wars

Film histories are more than vehicles for presenting data – They are new ways of visioning tahe past. Now is the time and the opportunity for a new and innovative way of seeing the past. Literally.

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