Fairuza Balk


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Known Movies:
16 since 1985
1974-05-21 (42 years)
Place of Birth:
Point Reyes, Kalifornien, USA
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16 movies since 1985


2010 - Blood Into Wine (sie selbst)
2009 - Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (Heidi)
2005 - Don't Come Knocking (Amber)
2002 - Deuces Wild (Annie)
2000 - Almost Famous (Sapphire)
1999 - Family Guy > Season 2 > Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater (Connie DiMico ( Voice ))
1998 - The Waterboy (Vicki Vallencourt)
- American History X (Stacey)
1996 - The Island of Dr. Moreau (Aissa)
- The Craft (Nancy Downs)
1995 - Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (Lucinda)
1993 - Murder in the Heartland (Caril Ann Fugate)
1992 - Gas, Food Lodging (Shade)
1991 - Deadly Intentions... Again? (Stacey)
1989 - Valmont (Cécile Volanges)
1985 - Return to Oz (Dorothy)
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