Hiam Abbass

Actor, Director, Screenplay

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Known Movies:
23 since 2004
1960-11-30 (55 years)
Place of Birth:
Nazareth, Israel
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23 movies since 2004


2015 - The Sense of Wonder (Dr. Mélanie Ferenza)
2014 - Exodus: Gods and Kings (Bithiah)
2013 - Rock the Casbah (Aicha)
- May in the Summer (Nadine)
- Les jeux des nuages et de la pluie (Blanche)
2012 - Inheritance (Samira)
2011 - The Source (Fatima)
2010 - Miral (Hind Husseini)
- Suite parlée - récits de souvenirs enfouis (n/a)
- I Am Slave (n/a)
2009 - Chaque jour est une fête (La femme du gardien de prison)
- Espion(s) (Wafa)
- Amreeka (Raghda Halaby)
2008 - Etz Limon (Selma Zidane)
2007 - The Visitor (Mouna Khalil)
- Conversations with My Gardener (La femme du jardinier)
2006 - The Nativity Story (duplicate) (Anna)
- Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest (Jénane)
- The Nativity Story (Anna)
2005 - Munich (Marie Claude Hashmari)
- Free Zone (Leila)
- Paradise Now (Said's mother)
2004 - The Syrian Bride (Amal)
1 movie since 2012


2012 - Inheritance
1 movie since 2012


2012 - Inheritance
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