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Tom Hardy

Actor, Producer

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Known Movies:
20 since 2001
1977-09-15 (36 years)
Place of Birth:
London, England
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also known as

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    Edward Thomas Hardy
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Selected Movies

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20 movies since 2001


2016 - The Long Red Road (Sam)
2015 - Untitled Tom Hardy Biker Movie (Gang-Leader)
- Mad Max: Fury Road (Max Rockatansky)
2013 - Locke (Ivan Locke)
2012 - Lawless (Forrest)
- The Dark Knight Rises (Bane)
- This Means War (Tuck)
2011 - Warrior (Tom Conlon)
- Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Ricki Tarr)
2010 - Inception (Eames)
2009 - The Take (Freddie)
- Bronson (Charles Bronson)
- Thick as Thieves (Michaels)
2008 - RocknRolla (Handsome Bob)
2004 - The Reckoning (Straw)
- L4yer CakE (Clarkie)
2003 - Dot the I (Tom)
- LD 50 Lethal Dose (Matt)
2002 - Star Trek - Nemesis (Praetor Shinzon)
2001 - Black Hawk Down (Spec. Lance Twombly)
1 movie since 2015


2015 - Untitled Tom Hardy Biker Movie
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