Bridget Fonda

Actor, Voice

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Known Movies:
24 since 1987
1964-01-27 (52 years)
Place of Birth:
Los Angeles, California, USA
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23 movies since 1987


2002 - Snow Queen (Snow Queen)
2001 - Kiss of the Dragon (Jessica Kamen)
- Monkeybone (Dr. Julie McElroy)
- Delivering Milo (Elizabeth)
1999 - Lake Placid (Kelly Scott)
1998 - A Simple Plan (Sarah Mitchell)
1997 - Jackie Brown (Melanie Ralston)
1996 - Grace of My Heart (Kelly Porter)
- City Hall (Marybeth Cogan)
1994 - The Road to Wellville (Eleanor Lightbody)
- It Could Happen to You (Yvonne Biasi)
- Little Buddha (Lisa)
1993 - Bodies, Rest & Motion (Beth)
- Point of No Return (Maggie Hayward - Claudia Anne Doran - Nina)
1992 - Army of Darkness (Linda)
- Singles (Janet Livermore)
- Single White Female (Allison 'Allie' Jones)
1991 - Doc Hollywood (Nancy Lee Nicholson)
- Iron Maze (Chris Sugita)
1990 - The Godfather Part III (Grace Hamilton)
1989 - Shag (Melaina)
- Scandal (Mandy Rice-Davies)
1987 - Aria (Lover)
1 movie since 1995


1995 - Balto (Jenna)
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