James Mason

Actor, Producer

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Known Movies:
53 since 1943
Place of Birth:
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Day of Death:
1984-07-24 (75 years)
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53 movies since 1943


1985 - A.D. (Tiberius)
1982 - The Verdict (Ed Concannon)
- Evil under the Sun (Odell Gardener)
- Ivanhoe (Isaac of York)
1980 - North Sea Hijack (Admiral Sir Francis Brindsen)
1979 - Salem's Lot (Richard K. Straker)
- Bloodline (Sir Alec Nichols)
- Murder by Decree (Dr. John H. Watson)
- The Passage (Prof. John Bergson)
1978 - The Boys from Brazil (Eduard Seibert)
- Heaven Can Wait (Mr. Jordan)
- The Water Babies (Mr. Grimes / Voice of Killer Shark)
1977 - Jesus of Nazareth (Joseph von Arimathäa)
- Cross of Iron (Oberst Brandt)
1975 - Gente di rispetto (Avv. Antonio Bellocampo)
- Inside Out (Ernst Furben)
- La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori (Filippini)
- La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere (Senator Leandri)
- Mandingo (Warren Maxwell)
1974 - The Marseille Contract (Jacques Brizard)
1973 - Frankenstein: The True Story (Dr. John Polidori)
- The MacKintosh Man (Sir George Wheeler)
- The Last of Sheila (Philip)
1970 - De la part des copains (Captain Ross)
- The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go (Y.Y. Go)
- Spring and Port Wine (Rafe Crompton)
1969 - Age of Consent (Bradley Morahan)
1968 - Duffy (Charles Calvert)
1966 - The Deadly Affair (Charles Dobbs)
- The Blue Max (General Count von Klugermann)
1965 - Genghis Khan (Kam Ling)
- Lord Jim (Gentleman Brown)
1964 - The Fall of the Roman Empire (Timonides)
1962 - Lolita (Humbert Humbert)
- Hero's Island (Jacob Weber / Major Bonnet, Pirate)
1960 - The Trials of Oscar Wilde (Sir Edward Carson)
1959 - Journey to the Center of the Earth (Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook)
- North by Northwest (Phillip Vandamm)
1958 - Cry Terror! (Jim Molner)
1956 - Bigger Than Life (Ed Avery)
1954 - A Star Is Born (Norman Maine)
- Prinz Valiant (Sir Brack)
- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Captain Nemo)
1953 - The Man Between (Ivo Kern)
- Julius Caesar (Brutus)
- The Desert Rats (Field Marshal Erwin von Rommel)
1952 - The Prisoner of Zenda (Rupert of Hentzau)
1951 - The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (Erwin Rommel)
- Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Hendrik van der Zee)
1949 - The Reckless Moment (Martin Donnelly)
- Caught (Larry Quinada)
1947 - Odd Man Out (Johnny McQueen)
1943 - The Man in Grey (Lord Rohan)
3 movies since 1956


1969 - Age of Consent
1962 - Hero's Island
1956 - Bigger Than Life
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