Daniel Mays

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16 since 2001
1978-03-31 (38 years)
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15 movies since 2001


2013 - Welcome to the Punch (Nathan Bartnick)
2012 - Treasure Island (Dr. Livesey)
2010 - Made in Dagenham (Eddie O'Grady)
- Hippie Hippie Shake (Widgery)
- Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (Blenkinsop)
- Hustle > Season 6 > Conned Out Of Luck (Mervyn Lloyd)
2009 - The Firm (Yeti)
2008 - Consuming Passion (Charles Boon)
- Shifty (Chris)
- White Girl (Stevie)
- The Bank Job (Dave Shilling)
2006 - A Good Year (Bert the Doorman)
2005 - The Secret Life of Words (Martin)
2002 - All or Nothing (Jason)
2001 - Pearl Harbor (Pilot #3)
1 movie since 2011


2011 - The Adventures of Tintin (Allen)
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