Chow Yun Fat


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Known Movies:
32 since 1982
1955-05-18 (61 years)
Place of Birth:
Lamma Island, Hong Kong
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also known as

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    Chow Yun Fat
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    Yun-Fat Chow
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    Chow Yun-Fat
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    Chow Yun Fatt
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    chow yun fatt
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32 movies since 1982


- The Red Circle (n.a.)
2014 - The Man from Macau (n/a)
2010 - Ràng Zǐ Dàn Fēi (n/a)
- Shanghai (Anthony Lan-Ting)
- Confucius (Konfuzius)
2009 - Dragonball Evolution (Master Roshi)
2008 - The Children of Huang Shi (Jack Chen)
2007 - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Captain Sao Feng)
- Yi ma de hou xian dai sheng huo (Pan Zhichang)
2006 - Curse of the Golden Flower (King)
2003 - Bulletproof Monk (nameless monk)
2000 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Master Li Mu Bai)
1999 - Anna and the King (König Mongkut)
- The Corruptor (Lieutenant Nick Chen)
1998 - The Replacement Killers (John Lee)
1995 - Wo Peng Faan Dim (n/a)
1994 - Cinema of Vengeance (er selbst (Archivmaterial))
- Hard Game (Ko Chun)
1992 - Lat sau san taam (Insp. Yuen)
1989 - Du shen (Ko Chun)
- A Better Tomorrow 3 (Mark Gor)
- The Killer (Ah Jong)
- Ban wo chuang tian ya (Lau Chung Pong / 'Mew-Mew')
1988 - Yi dan hong chun (Officer Dick Lee Chiu)
- Lo foo chut gang (Sgt. Francis Li)
1987 - A Better Tomorrow II (Ken Gor/Mark Lee)
- Jiang hu long hu men (Fat)
- City on Fire (Ko Chow)
1986 - A Better Tomorrow (Mark Gor)
- Yuan Zhen-Xia yu Wei Si-Li (Wei)
1984 - Dang doi lai ming (Yip Kim Fay)
1982 - Xun cheng ma (Fu Jun)
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