Bela Lugosi

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Known Movies:
32 since 1920
Place of Birth:
Lugos, Österreich-Ungarn, heute: Rumänien
Day of Death:
1956-08-16 (73 years)
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also known as

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    Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó
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    Arisztid Olt
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31 movies since 1920


2007 - Le vampire déchu (Himself)
2006 - The Sci-Fi Boys (er selbst (Archivmaterial))
1982 - It Came from Hollywood (Archivmaterial)
1966 - The Son of Frankenstein (The Hunchback)
1948 - Bud Abbott Lou Costello meet Frankenstein (Dracula)
1947 - Scared to Death (Prof. Leonide)
1945 - The Body Snatcher (Joseph)
1943 - The Ape Man (Dr. James Brewster)
- Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man (Monster)
1942 - Bowery at Midnight (Prof. Frederick Brenner alias Karl Wagner)
- The Corpse Vanishes (Dr. George Lorenz)
- The Ghost of Frankenstein (Ygor)
- Black Dragons (Dr. Melcher/Monsieur Colomb)
1941 - The Wolf Man (Bela)
1940 - The Devil Bat (Dr. Paul Carruthers)
- Black Friday (Eric Marnay)
- The Dark Eyes of London (Dr. Feodor Orloff)
1939 - The Phantom Creeps (Dr. Alex Zorka / Dr. Zane)
- Ninotchka (Kommissar Razinin)
- Son of Frankenstein (Ygor)
1935 - The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Anton Lorenzen)
- Mark of the Vampire (Count Mora)
- The Raven (Dr. Richard Vollin)
1934 - The Black Cat (Dr. Vitus Werdegast)
1933 - Island of Lost Souls (Sayer)
1932 - The Death Kiss (Joseph Steiner)
- White Zombie ('Murder' Legendre)
1931 - The Black Camel (Tarneverro)
- Drácula (Dracula (Archivmaterial))
- Dracula (Dracula)
1920 - Der Januskopf (Warrens Butler)
1 movie since 2007

Archive footage

2007 - Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story
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