Charles Durning


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Known Movies:
48 since 1970
Place of Birth:
Highland Falls, New York, USA
Day of Death:
2012-12-24 (89 years)
Place of Death:
New York City, USA
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48 movies since 1970


2008 - iMurders (Dr. Seamus St. Martin)
- Deal (Charlie Adler)
2006 - Desperation (Tom Billingsley)
- Miracle Dogs Too (Captain Pete Weaver)
2004 - A Very Married Christmas (Ozzy Larson)
- A Boyfriend For Christmas (Santa Claus)
2000 - State and Main (Bürgermeister George Bailey)
- O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Pappy O'Daniel)
1998 - Jerry and Tom (Vic)
1996 - One Fine Day (Lew)
- Spy Hard (The Director)
1995 - The Grass Harp (Rev. Buster)
- Home for the Holidays (Henry Larson)
1994 - I.Q. (Louis Bamberger)
- The Hudsucker Proxy (Waring Hudsucker)
1993 - When a Stranger Calls Back (John Clifford)
- The Music of Chance (Bill Flower)
1991 - V.I. Warshawski (Det. Lt. Bobby Mallory)
1989 - Prime Target (Earl Mulcahaney)
- Brenda Starr (Editor Francis I. Livright)
- Étoile (Uncle Joshua)
- Cat Chaser (Jiggs Scully)
1988 - Far North (Bertrum)
1987 - Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues (Sen. Henry Colton)
1986 - Tough Guys (Deke Yablonski)
1985 - Death of a Salesman (Charley)
- The Man with One Red Shoe (Ross)
- Stand Alone (Louis Thibadeau)
1984 - Mass Appeal (Monsignor Thomas Burke)
1983 - To Be or Not to Be (S.S. Colonel Erhardt)
- Two of a Kind (Charlie)
1982 - Tootsie (Les Nichols)
- The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Governor)
1981 - True Confessions (Jack Amsterdam)
- Dark Night of the Scarecrow (Otis P. Hazelrigg)
1980 - The Final Countdown (Senator Samuel Chapman)
1979 - North Dallas Forty (Coach Johnson)
- The Muppet Movie (Doc Hopper)
- Tilt (Harold 'Der Wal' Remmens)
1978 - The Fury (Dr. Jim McKeever)
1977 - The Choirboys (Spermwhale Whalen)
1975 - The Hindenburg (Kapitän Max Pruss)
- Dog Day Afternoon (Det. Sgt. Eugene Moretti)
1974 - The Front Page (Murphy)
1973 - The Sting (Lt. Wm. Snyder)
- Sisters (Joseph Larch)
1970 - I Walk the Line (Hunnicutt)
- Hi, Mom! (Superintendent)
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