Bernard Hill

Actor, Voice

19 movies since 1984


- All Quiet on the Western Front (General Reinhardt)
2015 - Wolf Hall (Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk)
2012 - Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron (Captain EJ Smith (Archivmaterial))
- Titanic 3D (Captain Edward James Smith)
2010 - The Kid (Uncle David)
2007 - El Corazón de la Tierra (Sr. Crown)
2006 - Joy Division (Dennis)
- Ocean Odyssey (Erzähler)
2004 - Wimbledon (Edward Colt)
2003 - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Théoden)
- Gothika (Phil Parsons)
- The Boys from County Clare (John Joe)
2002 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Théoden)
- The Scorpion King (Philos)
1997 - Titanic (Captain Smith)
1996 - The Wind in the Willows (The Engine Driver)
- The Ghost and the Darkness (Dr. Hawthorne)
1988 - Drowning by Numbers (Madgett)
1984 - The Bounty (William Cole)
1 movie since 2012


2012 - ParaNorman (Judge Hopkins)
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