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Wolf Creek

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Wolf Creek (7.25)
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Actors (Details) 1 2
John Jarratt (Mick Taylor)
Cassandra Magrath (Liz Hunter)
Kestie Morassi (Kristy Earl)
Nathan Phillips (Ben Mitchell)
Gordon Poole (Old Man)
Guy O'Donnell (Car Salesman)
Phil Stevenson (Mechanic)
Geoff Revell (Petrol Attendant)
Andy McPhee (Bazza)
Aaron Sterns (Bazza's Mate)
Andrew Reimer (Flashback Dad)
Paul Curran (Pool Party People)
Eddie White (Pool Party People)
Teresa Palmer (Pool Party People)
Darren Humphreys (Detective)
Greg Mclean (Old Man's Body / Police Officer)
Ryan Corr (Paul Hammersmith)
Shannon Ashlyn (Katarina Schmidt)
Philippe Klaus (Rutger Enqvist)
Shane Connor (Snr. Sergeant Gary Bulmer Jnr)
Ben Gerrard (Constable Brian O'Connor)
Gerard Kennedy (Jack)
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