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The Dog Who Saved ...

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Actors (Details) 1 2 3 4
Gary Valentine (George Bannister)
Elisa Donovan (Belinda Bannister)
Sierra McCormick (Kara Bannister)
Charlie Stewart (Ben Bannister)
Dean Cain (Ted Stein)
Adrienne Barbeau (Cat Lady)
Mindy Sterling (Grandma Bannister)
Joey Diaz (Stewey McMann, ...)
Mario López (Zeus' Stimme (Sprechrolle))
Joe Torry (Perry Winkle)
Kayley Stallings (Kara Bannister)
Brennan Bailey (Ben Bannister)
Michael William Arnold (Zach McGovern)
Maya Van Dien (Maya MacGovern)
Grace Van Dien (Grace McGovern)
Casper van Dien (Randy McGovern)
Celeste Van Dien (Celeste McGovern)
Catherine Oxenberg (Dottie McGovern)
Paris Hilton (Bellas Stimme (Sprechrolle))
Anna Barnholtz (Wendy)
Beth Shea (Missy)
Carlson Young (London James)
Michael Healey (Trooper)
Patrick Muldoon (Fred Stein)
Catherine Hicks (Cressida)
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