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Matula und Dr. Lessing

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Total Runtime:
1020 Minutes
Production Companies:
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Claus Theo Gärtner (Josef Matula)
Ulrich Noethen (Dr. Jürgen Mattes)
Paul Frielinghaus (Dr. Markus Lessing)
Katharina Böhm (Dr. Theresa Hirsch)
Caroline Grothgar (Kristin, ...)
Alice Dwyer (Lisa Schmidt)
Martin Umbach (Viggo Svenson)
Julie Engelbrecht (Susanne Brandt)
Sonsee Neu (Astrid Valentin)
Anita Vulesica (Agnieszka)
Christina Hecke (Gloria von Hohe)
Eleonore Weisgerber (Sybille von Hohe)
Sabine Vitua (Anette Winterfeld)
Ingo Naujoks (Ingo)
Esther Esche (Lydia)
Tilo Prückner (Richard)
Branko Tomovic (Adam Sychowski)
Péter Franke (Olaf Garbsen)
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