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Before Sunrise

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Known Parts:
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Before Sunset (6.33)
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Actors (Details) 1 2 3
Ethan Hawke (Jesse)
Julie Delpy (Céline, ...)
Andrea Eckert (Wife on Train)
Hanno Pöschl (Husband on Train)
Karl Bruckschwaiger (Guy on Bridge)
Tex Rubinowitz (Guy on Bridge)
Ernie Mangold (Palm Reader)
Hans Weingartner (Cafe Patron)
Dominik Castell (Street Poet)
Bilge Jeschim (Belly Dancer)
Harold Waiglein (Guitar Player in Club)
Haymon Maria Buttinger (Bartender)
Kurti (Percussionist)
Vernon Dobtcheff (Bookstore Manager)
Louise Lemoine Torres (Journalist #1)
Rodolphe Pauly (Journalist #2)
Mariane Plasteig (Waitress)
Diabolo (Philippe)
Denis Evrard (Boat Attendant)
Albert Delpy (Man at Grill)
Marie Pillet (Woman in Courtyard)
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