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Season 2

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Jennifer Love Hewitt (Riley Parks)
Alicia Lagano (Selena Ramos)
Brian Hallisay (Kyle Parks)
Loretta Devine (Georgia Cummings)
Colin Egglesfield (Evan Parks)
Laura-Leigh (Nikki Shannon)
Rebecca Field (Lacey Jean)
Brian Howe (Judge Overton)
Elisabeth Röhm (Taylor Berkhalter)
Tammy Townsend (Karina Lake)
Marco Sanchez (Graham Sandoval)
Leonard Roberts (Detective Monroe)
Bryce Johnson (Detective Dunbar)
Tyler Champagne (Travis Parks)
Cassidy Guetersloh (Katie Parks)
Cybill Shepherd (Linette Montgomery)
Michael Beach (Harold Clemens)
John Bishop (Mick Vandermeyer)
Rob Mayes (Derek Malloy)
Charles Michael Davis (Ben Dalton)
Greg Grunberg (Dale Locklin)
Johnathon Schaech (Greg Carlyle)
Trevor Donovan (Dashiell Codd)
T.V. Carpio (Shelby Prince)
Sunny Mabrey (Lisa Munsey)
Kevin Dunigan (Academy Instructor)
Victoria Hoffman (Inez)
Marco James Marquez (Alex Trimble)
Randy J. Goodwin (Pastor Mason Duncan)
Andrew Borba (L.T. Barnes)
Brad Savage (Roberto)
Joel Gretsch (Ranger Captain Reese)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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