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Spawn (4.50)
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Actors (Details) 1 2
Martin Sheen (Jason Wynn)
Michael Jai White (Al Simmons / Spawn)
John Leguizamo (Clown / Violator)
D.B. Sweeney (Terry Fitzgerald)
Theresa Randle (Wanda Blake)
Nicol Williamson (Cogliostro)
Melinda Clarke (Jessica Priest)
Miko Hughes (Zack)
Michael Papajohn (Glen, Zack's Dad)
Frank Welker (The Devil Malebolgia)
Robia LaMorte (XNN Reporter)
John Cothran (African Liaison)
Marc Robinson (Punk #1)
Chris Coppola (Punk #2)
Darryl Warren (Security Guard)
Jay Caputo (Punk #3)
Jack Coleman (Doctor)
Laura Stepp (Angela)
Todd McFarlane (Bum)
Roger Yuan (Korean Soldier)
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