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American Ninja

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Actors (Details) 1 2 3 4
Michael Dudikoff (Pvt. Joe Armstrong, ...)
Steve James (Cpl. Curtis Jackson, ...)
Judie Aronson (Patricia Hickock)
Guich Koock (Col. William T. Hickock)
Larry Poindexter (Sgt. Charlie McDonald)
Gary Conway (Leo "The Lion" Burke)
Jeff Weston (Col. "Wild Bill" Woodward)
Michelle Botes (Alicia Sanborn)
Michael Stone (Tojo Ken)
Len Sparrowhawk (Pat McCarthy)
Jonathan Pienaar (Taylor)
David Bradley (Sean Davidson)
Marjoe Gortner (Dr. Cobra)
Michele B. Chan (Chan Lee)
James Booth (Mulgrew)
Dwayne Alexandre (Brackston)
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