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Anna Wood (Jamie Sawyer)
Cam Gigandet (Roy Rayder)
Shawn Hatosy (Terry McCandless)
Mike Pniewski (Tom Johnson)
Georgina Haig (Lee Anne Marcus)
Adam Rodriguez (Preston Cruz)
Andy Stahl (Davis Peel)
Michael Gladis (Holland Knox)
Tim Ware (Judge Garner, ...)
Kim Wayans (Vi Briggs)
Gregory Harrison (Decatur „Dec“ Fortnum)
Falk Hentschel (Arliss, ...)
Jack Carpenter (Ed)
Isabel Myers (Julia Rayder)
Kelly Rutherford (Joyce Reed)
Emily Baldoni (Nancy Davis)
Onira Tares (Alana Briggs)
Michael Harding (Judge Barney Sturgess)
Christopher Matthew Cook (Blake Stayne)
Thom Gossom Jr. (Judge Shepard)
Linda Purl (Barbara Fortnum)
Susan Walters (Lindsay, ...)
Rick Gomez (Russ Waterman)
David Keith (Pat McCandless)
Megan Ketch (Shelby Rayder)
Gray Hawks (M.E. Dereck Smaller)
Debra Monk (Judge Gertrude Moss)
Mark Withers (Police Chief Victor Ellsworth)
Claire Bronson (Nicolette Graham)
Cal Johnson (Police Chief)
Scott Poythress (Alpha Juror)
Jessie Ward (Taylor Dunham)
Derek Phillips (Ronnie Porter)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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