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Avan Jogia (Danny Desai)
Grey Damon (Archie, ...)
Karynn Moore (Regina Crane)
Maddie Hasson (Jo Masterson)
Kylie Bunbury (Lacey Porter)
Ashton Moio (Rico)
Jamila Velazquez (Sarita)
Kimberly Quinn (Tess Masterson)
Rob Yang (Principal Mark Tang)
Denise Richards (Karen Desai)
Todd Julian (Scott, ...)
Sam Robards (Kyle Masterson)
Anthony Keyvan (Danny at 11, ...)
Brittany Curran (Phoebe Daly)
Keiko Agena (Grief Counselor April)
Ely Henry (Doug)
Daya Vaidya (Sandy Palmer)
Robin Givens (Judy)
Jessica Tuck (Gloria, ...)
T.J. Ramini (Vikram Desai)
John DeLuca (Cole Farrell)
Drew Powell (Coach Harry Chandler)
Christopher Cousins (Mayor John Rollins)
James Moses Black (Security Guard, ...)
Chris Zylka (Tyler Lewis)
Aaron Hill (Eddie Garrett)
Stacy Haiduk (Special Investigator, ...)
Ivan Sergei (Jack Taylor)
Jack Falahee (Charlie McBride)
Nicole Pettis (Waitress)
Cynthy Wu (Andie Dang)
Nick Warnock (Coach Wasserman)
Brianne Howey (Whitney Taylor)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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