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Season 5

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Sasha Mitchell (Cody Lambert, ...)
Patrick Duffy (Frank Lambert)
Jason Marsden (Rich Halke)
Suzanne Somers (Carol Foster Lambert)
Staci Keanan (Dana Foster)
Brandon Call (John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert)
Theodore Borders (Ben)
Angela Watson (Karen Foster)
Christine Lakin (Alicia 'Al' Lambert)
Brian Wagner (Roland)
Christopher Castile (Mark Foster)
Kristina Meyering (Lilly Lambert (uncredited), ...)
Josh Byrne (Brendan Lambert)
Lauren Meyering (Lilly Lambert (uncredited), ...)
Andrew Keegan (Matt Crawford)
June Lockhart (Helen Lambert)
Julie Uribe (Instructor, ...)
Jeff Juday (Jake 'Flash' Gordon)
Rob Boswell (M.C.)
Quintin Bennett (Cowboy (uncredited))
Dov Markowich (Teenager (uncredited))
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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