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Season 3

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Eric McCormack (Dr. Daniel Pierce)
Josh Coxx (Special Agent Drexler)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Kate Moretti)
Arjay Smith (Max Lewicki)
Kelly Rowan (Natalie Vincent)
LeVar Burton (Paul Haley)
Scott Wolf (Donnie Ryan)
Brad Rowe (Agent Bobby Dalton, ...)
Jo Anderson (Wendy Pierce)
Peter Coyote (James Alan Pierce)
Christopher Gartin (Father Pat)
Daniel Booko (John Pavel Jr.)
Robert Curtis Brown (Dr. Josiah Rosenthal)
Lisa Brenner (Tasha Ogden)
Andy Milder (Ted Duxbury, ...)
Brooke Nevin (Shelby Coulson)
Branton Box (FBI #2, ...)
John Rubinstein (FBI Agent Jack Crawford)
Max Decker (Pete)
Thom Barry (Special Agent in Charge William Parsons, ...)
Dan Lauria (Joe Moretti)
Marcia Ann Burrs (Lady at Reception)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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