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Robbie Amell (Stephen Jameson)
Luke Mitchell (John Young)
Jacob Kogan (Luca Jameson)
Peyton List (Cara Coburn)
Sarah Clarke (Marla Jameson)
Aaron Yoo (Russell Kwon)
Madeleine Mantock (Astrid Finch)
Mark Pellegrino (Jedikiah Price)
Lydia Callins (Raven Finch)
Jeffrey Pierce (Jack, ...)
Dan Stevens (TIM)
Nick Eversman (Kurt Rundle)
Meta Golding (Darcy Nichols)
Mitchell Kummen (Young John)
Byron Lawson (Ultra Agent, ...)
Laura Wiggins (Irene)
Carly Pope (Morgan Burke, ...)
Nathan Mitchell (Scary Ultra Agent, ...)
Nicholas Young (Aldus Crick)
Simon Merrells (Leader of Ultra, ...)
Ben Hollingsworth (Agent Troy)
Elizabeth Hurley (Alice)
Madeleine Arthur (Charlotte Taylor)
Robert Gant (Peter)
Alexa Vega (Hillary Cole)
James Mackay (Julian Masters)
Michasha Armstrong (ULTRA Instructor, ...)
Dalias Blake (ULTRA Agent, ...)
Dejan Loyola (Ray)
Serinda Swan (Cassandra Smythe)
Giles Panton (Ultra Agent #3, ...)
Bettina Kenney (Med Tech)
Leven Rambin (Natalie)
Michael Hogan (Senator Kelsey)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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