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Ana Ortiz (Marisol Deering)
Valerie Mahaffey (Olivia Rice)
Dania Ramírez (Rosie Falta)
Matt Cedeño (Alejandro Rubio)
Roselyn Sánchez (Carmen Luna)
Melinda Page Hamilton (Odessa Burakov)
Paula Garcés (Flora Hernandez)
Judy Reyes (Zoila Diaz)
Edy Ganem (Valentina Diaz)
Eddie Hassell (Eddie Suarez)
Susan Lucci (Genevieve Delatour)
Drew Van Acker (Remi Delatour)
Rebecca Wisocky (Evelyn Powell)
Tom Irwin (Adrian Powell)
Wilmer Calderon (Shiv, ...)
Brianna Brown (Taylor Stappord)
Brett Cullen (Michael Stappord)
Mariana Klaveno (Peri Westmore)
Grant Show (Spence Westmore)
Wolé Parks (Sam Alexander)
Maria Howell (Ida Hayes)
Carlos Leal (Benny Soto)
Alex Fernandez (Pablo Diaz)
Stephen Collins (Phillipe Delatour)
Dakin Matthews (Alfred Pettigrove)
Peter Porte (Scott)
David De Vries (Music Executive)
Robert Caso (Publicist)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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