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Season 2

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Tom Selleck (Francis „Frank“ Reagan)
Donnie Wahlberg (Daniel „Danny“ Reagan)
Nicholas Turturro (Sgt. Anthony Renzulli)
Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan-Boyle)
Will Estes (Jamison „Jamie“ Reagan)
Len Cariou (Henry Reagan)
Eric Morris (Noble Sanfino)
Jennifer Esposito (Jackie Curatola)
Amy Carlson (Linda Reagan)
Sami Gayle (Nicole „Nicky“ Reagan-Boyle)
David Ramsey (Mayor Carter Poole)
Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan)
Andrew Terraciano (Sean Reagan, ...)
Abigail Hawk (Detective Abigail Baker)
Robert Clohessy (Sgt. Gormley)
Gregory Jbara (Garrett Moore)
John Rue (Chief of Detectives Ed Hines)
Victor Cruz (Tech, ...)
Joe Forbrich (ESU Captain Dempsey, ...)
Mara Davi (Bianca Sanfino)
Al Sapienza (Phil Sanfino)
John Ventimiglia (Dino Arbogast)
Ato Essandoh (Reverend Darnell Potter)
Matthew Rauch (Lawrence Skolnick)
Anthony Mangano (Detective)
Selenis Leyva (MLI, ...)
Marnie Schulenburg (Coreen)
Fred Weller (Jacob Krystal)
Paul Fitzgerald (Anthony Deleon, ...)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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