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Resident Evil

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Actors (Details) * 1 2 3 4 5 6
Milla Jovovich (Alice)
Michelle Rodríguez (Rain Ocampo, ...)
Eric Mabius (Matt Addison)
James Purefoy (Spence Parks)
Martin Crewes (Kaplan, ...)
Heike Makatsch (Dr. Lisa Addison)
Indra Ové (Ms. Black)
Anna Bolt (Dr. Green)
Joseph May (Dr. Blue)
Colin Salmon (One, ...)
Pasquale Aleardi (J.D., ...)
Liz May Brice (Medic)
Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine)
Oded Fehr (Carlos Olivera, ...)
Thomas Kretschmann (Major Cain, ...)
Razaaq Adoti (Sgt. Peyton Wells, ...)
Mike Epps (L.J.)
Sandrine Holt (Terri Morales)
Iain Glen (Dr. Isaacs)
Ali Larter (Claire Redfield)
Spencer Locke (K-Mart)
Wentworth Miller (Chris Redfield)
Kim Coates (Bennett)
Shawn Roberts (Albert Wesker)
Boris Kodjoe (Luther West)
Norman Yeung (Kim Yong)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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