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Season 2

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Eric McCormack (Dr. Daniel Pierce)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Kate Moretti)
Arjay Smith (Max Lewicki)
Kelly Rowan (Natalie Vincent/Dr. Caroline Newsome)
Scott Wolf (Donnie Ryan)
Nancy Youngblut (Judge Leslie Markway)
David Paymer (Rueben Bauer)
Dana Daurey (Sara)
Brad Rowe (FBI Agent Dalton)
LeVar Burton (Paul Haley)
DJ Qualls (Agent Rudy Fleckner)
Shane Coffey (Young Daniel, ...)
Dan Lauria (Joe Moretti)
Lindsay Pulsipher (Kendra Murphy)
John Heard (Congressman Evan Rickford)
Perrey Reeves (Miranda Stiles)
Hunter Jackson (Anthony Hicks)
Logan Bartholomew (Blake Rickford)
Gil McKinney (Bryan Murphy)
Pippa Black (Wendy, ...)
Enisha Brewster (Gabrielle Blair)
Chelsea Ricketts (Young Miranda)
Graham Beckel (Colonel)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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