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Season 4

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Matthew Bomer (Neal Caffrey)
Mekhi Phifer (FBI Agent Kyle Collins, ...)
James Rebhorn (Reese Hughes)
Tim DeKay (Special Agent Peter Burke)
Gregg Henry (Henry Dobbs)
Willie Garson (Teddy Winters "Mozzie")
Judith Ivey (Ellen Parker)
Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke)
Marsha Thomason (Special Agent Diana Barrigan)
Mía Maestro (Maya)
Sharif Atkins (Special Agent Clinton Jones)
Rafa Alvarez (Brody)
Jose Caro (Lorenzo)
Bruno Irizarry (Javier)
Brett Cullen (Agent Patterson)
Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis)
Diahann Carroll (June, ...)
Treat Williams (Sam Phelps, ...)
Sprague Grayden (Younger Ellen)
Scott Evans (Dennis Flynn)
Titus Welliver (Senator Terrence Pratt, ...)
Emily Procter (Amanda Callaway)
Ali Ahn (Agent Watson)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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