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Season 3

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James Caviezel (John Reese)
Michael Emerson (Harold Finch)
Bruce Altman (Dr. Ronald Carmichael)
Taraji P. Henson (Jocelyn "Joss" Carter)
Kevin Chapman (Detective Lionel Fusco)
Sarah Shahi (Samantha Shaw)
David Valcin (Scarface)
Amy Acker (Root)
Enrico Colantoni (Carl Elias)
Clarke Peters (Alonzo Quinn)
Leslie Odom Jr. (Peter Collier)
Brian Wiles (Officer Mike Laskey)
Boris McGiver (Hersh, ...)
Al Sapienza (Detective Raymond Terney)
Morgan Spector (Peter Yogorov)
Robert John Burke (Officer Patrick Simmons)
Michael Esper (Jason Greenfield)
Paul O'Brien (Judge Andrew Monahan)
Kwoade Cross (Taylor Carter)
Saul Rubinek (Arthur Claypool)
Tuck Milligan (Finch's Father)
Camryn Manheim (Diane Claypool, ...)
John Nolan (John Greer)
Joseph Mazzello (Daniel Casey)
Julian Ovenden (Lambert)
Alex Shimizu (Daizo)
John Doman (Senator Ross Garrison)
Joseph Melendez (Manuel Rivera)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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