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Season 4

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Chris O`Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen)
Miguel Ferrer (Owen Granger)
LL Cool J (Special Agent Sam Hanna)
Alon Aboutboul (Naseem Vaziri)
Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye)
Linda Hunt (Department Manager Henrietta „Hetty“ Lange)
Barrett Foa (Techniker Eric Beal)
Christopher Lambert (Marcel Janvier)
Eric Christian Olsen (Detective/LAPD Laison Officer Marty Deeks)
Renée Felice Smith (Technikerin Nell Jones)
Vyto Ruginis (Arkady Kolcheck)
Timothy V. Murphy (Isaak Sidorov)
Marcus Giamatti (CIA Agent Michael Snyder)
Andrew Howard (Dmitri Greshnev)
Joel Bissonnette (Victor Varlamov, ...)
Aunjanue Ellis (Quinn, ...)
Kathleen Rose Perkins (Coroner Rose Carlyle)
John Corbett (Roy Haines)
Kim Raver (Special Agent Paris Summerskill)
Scott Grimes (Special Agent Dave Flynn)
Edwin Hodge (Technical Assistant Kai Ashe)
Gillian Alexy (Special Agent Claire Keats)
Omid Abtahi (Ari Sayed)
Jonathan Oldham (Robert Spears)
Vanessa Vander Pluym (Foxy Lady)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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