Killer Shorts 2

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Movie Facts

Released on the 2010-12-20
100 Minutes
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  • Ricky Long

    as Count Balazar (segment "Horror Host")

  • Krista Noelle Segars

    as Demona (segment "Horror Host") (as Krista Segars)

  • Josh Holloway

    as Asmodeus / Tom / Artie (segment "Horror Host" and "The Killer's Meow" and "Last Rendezvous 2")

  • Kristie Lawson

    as Samantha McNeil (segment "Last Rendezvous 2")
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Even Better Fit the Second Time Around

Faux Pas Films’ third feature length film “KILLER SHORTS 2”, the second installment in the horror anthology series. This movie is another throwback to the old days of horror hosts such as Elvira and the Twilight Zone that introduced the macabre scenes in frightful and comedic ways. Features 3 new shorts:

“The Killer’s Meow” – A group of friends decide to party in an old abandoned house but the house isn’t as abandoned as they thought. When they encounter the crazy cat lady, members of the group begin to disappear. Can those remaining figure out the mystery before they too fall victim to the killer’s meow?

“The Last Rendezvous 2: Retribution” – We continue the story of Wendell and Samantha as a masked killer once again stalks and kills all around them. A huge cast filled with mysteries comes to light in the conclusion to the film that began in Killer Shorts 1.

"The Opportunist" - Aden is struggling with kidney stones yet trying to be somewhat sociable.

When he meets Melinda, spark fly but will he be able to have the night of his life or will the kidney stones get in the way?

All connected by host Count Balazar and his friends.

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