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Released on the 2008-08-15
84 Minutes
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Peer Pressure Can Be Deadly

Tandra had always had trouble fitting in with the locals that reside in her hometown in conservative Southern Kentucky. That all changed when she went to film school and met three friends who seemed to share her ideals and beliefs. She and the trio (Lily, Derrick, and Devi) were inseparable from then on. Tandra eventually fell for Lily and they shared an apartment together in the conservative college town. The foursome wandered the graveyards at night and lived out their Gothic fantasies while receiving scorn from the “normal” residents of the area. When classes ended for the summer, the trio decided to return to their hometown in Northern Tennessee. Although Tandra wanted to accompany them on their trip, she had to stay and take summer classes. When summer break ended, the Gothic group returned to Kentucky but they all seemed strange in their mannerisms. Tandra didn’t understand the extent and severity of it until she found Lily dead in the bathtub. As days progressed, she would find the other members meeting similar fates as they all killed themselves while Tandra was helpless to stop them. This culminated in Tandra becoming full of rage and confusion, which eventually lead to her being submitted to a mental hospital for suicide watch. She stayed for three months but returned home to deal with the grief on her own terms. It is there that she found a hidden journal of Lily’s and began to read about the events that occurred over summer break. Lily described in cryptic detail disturbing scenarios that took place in a part of Tennessee called “Brimstone”. Tandra set out the next day to venture to the area to hopefully find answers regarding her friends’ deaths. She stopped at a local gas station and then headed off into the woods of Brimstone to take pictures before meeting Lily’s brother Corey for a tour. What happened then is still a mystery

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