Iskanderija... lih?

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Movie Facts

Released on the 1978-09-01
127 Minutes
Languages (original):
Arabic, English
Production Companies:
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Director of Photography:
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Plot Keywords

1940s, 1942, 20th Century, Acting, Actor, Adolf Hitler, Africa, Air Raid, Airplane, Alcohol, Alexandria, Allies, Ambassador, Angler, Apprenticeship, Arson, Assault, Assault, Autobiography, Backdrop, Balcony, Bank, Bar, Battle, Beach, Becoming an Adult, Benito Mussolini, Best Friends, Big Family, Big sister, Blows, Boat, Boat Tour, Bomb Attack, Bomber, Bombing, Brawl, British, British Army, Brother Sister Relationship, Bullet Wound, Bullet wound, Burn, California, Campaign, Car, Catholic Church, Ceasefire, Cemetery, Christian, Christmas, Cinema, City, Closet Homosexuality, Club, Coast, Collaborator, College, Combat, Communist Resistance, Composer, Conflict, Conquest, Corpse, Costume, Court, Crying, Cultural Differences, Dance, Dancer, Defence, Drunk, Egypt, Egyptian, Emigration, Escape, Exile, Expatriate, Failure, Family Life, Farewell, Father Son Relationship, Father-Daughter-Relationship, Film, Film Director, Film Industry, Film Making, Film Title Said In Movie, Film and Cinema, Film in Film, Filmmaker, Filmstudenten, Fire, Fireworks, Fishing, Flash, Free Love, Freighter, Friendship, Front, Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, German, German Empire, German Soldier, Graduation, Grandmother, Grandmother Grandson Relationship, Grave, Gravestone, Hamlet, Helplessness, History of Cinematography, Hollywood, Homosexuality, Islam, Israel, Jew, Jew, Jewish, Jewry, Kidnapping, Kinosaal, Large City, Loss, Love, Love Against All Odds, Love of One's Life, Mediterranean, Military Plane, Mistress, Modern Society, Money, Mother-Son Relationship, Motorboat, Musical, Muslim, Nudity, Occupying Power, Palestine, Party, Party, Passenger, Passport, Performance, Phone Call, Pianist, Pistol, Play, Poem, Prayer, Pregnancy, Premiere, Princess, Prison, Prison Cell, Production, Prostitute, Public, Pupil, Reception, Refugee, Resistance, Scholarship, School Grade, School Performance, Schoolmate, Schutzbunker, Sea, Second World War, Secret Love, Shakespeare, Shakespeare Quote, Sheik, Ship, Shooting, Singing, Soldatenfriedhof, Soldier, Stage, Statue of Liberty, Street Riots, Swastika, Swimming, Teacher, Teacher-Student-Relation, Teenager, Theater im Film, Theatre, Theatre Director, Trouble Maker, University, Violence, War, Wave, Wehrmacht, Winston Churchill, Wochenschau, Young People, Youth Group, Zionism, struggle for freedom
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