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Movie Facts

Released on the 1951-01-01
193 Minutes
Languages (original):
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Plot Keywords

1930s, 1950s, 20th Century, Accusal, Accusation, Adolescence, Afraid, Amends, Amulet, Approach, Asia, Attempted murder, Badeanzug, Bandit, Bank Robbery, Bar, Beach, Becoming an Adult, Best Friends, Bias, Birthday, Birthday Party, Boat, Bombay, Boyfriend, Car Theft, Car Thief, Chance Meeting, Charm, Cheerful, Child, Childhood, Childhood, Children, Class Differences, Cloud, Confession of Love, Convict, Convicted, Counsel for the defence, Country Road, Court, Court, Court Case, Courtesy, Crime Gang, Criminal, Criminal Past, Crook, Cruelty, Dance, Dancing Scene, Date, Death Threat, Deception, Defendant, Distrust, Dog, Dream, Emotionless, Emotions, Escape, Evil, False Accusation, False Allegation, Famine, Father Son Relationship, Fellow Student, Friends, Friendship, Ganges, Gangster, Gangster Boss, Gentleman, Girlfriend, Growing Up, Guilt, Handbag, Happy, Hitchhike, Hope, Host, Hunger, India, Invitation, Jailbreak, Jewelry, Jewelry Heist, Joy of Life, Judge, Kidnapping, Kleinganove, Knife, Knife Fight, Lagune, Lantern, Lawyer, Loss of Youth, Love, Love Against All Odds, Love Mess, Love Song, Love of One's Life, Lovers, Luck, Mama's Boy, Misery, Mistress, Moonlight, Mother-Son Relationship, Murder Charge, Musical, Night, Nightclub, Old Friends, Opposites, Origin, Palm, Parents Kids Relationship, Pearl Necklace, Piano, Piano Tuner, Pickpocket, Plea, Poverty, Pranks, Pregnancy, Present, Pride, Prison, Prison Cell, Pupil, Purification, Rape, Release from Prison, Remorse, Restart, Retaliation, Revenge, Revenge Plan, River, Road, Rogue, Romance, Romantic, Sailboat, School, School Friend, Schooldays, Schoolmate, Sense of Justice, Sentence, Sentence, Severity, Shame, Shortage of Money, Singing, Single Mother, Skipping School, Social Injustice, Socially Deprived Family, Song, Stolen Money, Streuner, Suspension, Suspicion, Swimming, Teenager, Theft, Thief, Token of Love, Tramp, Unemployment, Unhappy Childhood, Unhappy Love, Villa, Visit, Water, Wrongly accused, Young Love, Youngster
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