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Season 2

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Dana Delany (Dr. Megan Hunt)
Mary Mouser (Lacey Fleming)
Jeffrey Nordling (Todd Fleming)
Nicholas Bishop (Peter Dunlap)
Jeri Ryan (Dr. Kate Murphy)
John Carroll Lynch (Detective Bud Morris)
Sonja Sohn (Detective Samantha Baker)
Geoffrey Arend (Dr. Ethan Gross)
Windell Middlebrooks (Dr. Curtis Brumfield)
Adrian Alvarado (Detective Dave Lopez)
Joanna Cassidy (Joan Hunt)
Cliff Curtis (Special Agent Derek Ames, ...)
Nathalie Kelley (Dani Alverez, ...)
T.V. Carpio (Jinx)
Daniel Cohen (David, ...)
Shana Dowdeswell (Maxine, ...)
Ransford Doherty (Detective Tim Bell)
Deirdre Lovejoy (Jeannie Morris)
Jamie Bamber (Aiden Wells)
Khandi Alexander (Beverly Travers)
Luke Perry (CDC Officer Charlie Stafford)
Dean Norris (Special Agent Brendan Johnson)
Nick Stahl (Marcel Trevino)
Jolie Jenkins (Wendy Harris, ...)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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