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Wanted (5.83)
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Actors (Details) 1 2
Angelina Jolie (Fox)
James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson)
Morgan Freeman (Sloan)
Thomas Kretschmann (Cross)
Terence Stamp (Pekwarsky)
Common (Gunsmith)
Marc Warren (The Repairman)
Kristen Hager (Cathy)
David O'Hara (Mr. X)
Konstantin Khobensky (The Exterminator)
Dato Bakhtadze (The Butcher)
Chris Pratt (Barry)
Lorna Scott (Janice)
Sophiya Haque (Puja)
Brian Caspe (The Pharmacist)
Bob Ari (Man in the Limo)
Brad Calcaterra (Assassin Max Petridge)
Michael Jeremiah (Weaver)
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