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Total Runtime:
222 Minutes
Production Companies:
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James Garner (James Scott Rockford)
Lindsay Wagner (Sarah Butler)
Noah Beery Jr. (Joseph "Rocky" Rockford)
William Smith (Jerry Grimes)
Nita Talbot (Mildred Elias)
Joe Santos (Dennis Becker)
Susan Strasberg (Deborah Ryder)
Art Lund (Mike Ryder)
Gretchen Corbett (Beth Davenport)
James Cromwell (Terry)
Jill Clayburgh (Marilyn Polonski)
Bruce Kirby (Carl Lemay)
Norman Burton (Melvyn Moss)
Fred Beir (Steve Nelson / Dennis Rains)
Suzanne Somers (Ginny Nelson)
Greg Mullavey (Dirk Schaffer)
Robert Webber (Senator Evan Murdock)
Melissa Green (Aura Lee)
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