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Taaj reveals to some disgruntled passengers that their plane departed an hour before, and Mickey & Buster go their separate ways when Buster loses his photographic license. Fearghal force-feeds an allergic passenger nuts in an attempt to win the Steward Of The Year title. Police dog handler Steve Downes reveals the history of his previous dogs, that usually ended up with them going into rehab with drug addictions. Battle re-enactors Colin and Gavin are furious with Francoise when they are disallowed to bring their swords to a re-enactment of the Battle of Agincourt, and baggage handler John believes he has psychic powers. Ian Foot does a spot check on Taaj Manzoor. Omar Baba denies sexually harassing Helen, Melody and Taaj, so he calls Keeley to come to the rescue at a press conference. Peter and Judith talk about their most recent ‘holiday from hell’, which included being trapped in the Andes, and barbecuing Peter’s leg. Moses meets Anna Friel, who reveals she is bald. Moses tries to find replacements for her lost wig. George Spires sings opera to frightened users of the toilet. Mickey & Buster make up again, and it is revealed that Keeley has been given the role of check-in manager.

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