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Melody and Keeley deal with a large man, and end up giving him two separate seats on the plane. Omar Baba goes green by planting a single tree on a roundabout, but insults Daybreak in the process. Baba also shows us inside the new FlyLo ‘Loveatory’. Peter and Judith’s next ‘Holiday from Hell’ ended with Peter facing a twelve year minimum prison sentence. The stewardess that Simon had an affair with acts as cabin crew on Jackie and Simon’s latest flight. Moses is challenged with a Chinese man, and tries to get Barbara Windsor to have him knighted. The water in Precious’ coffee stall has mysteriously been cut off, so she has to close the stall early, and decides to go and see Dirty Dancing with her sisters. The plumber then fixes the pipe, annoying Precious. Penny is delighted when she finds out that Princess Anne will be travelling with Great British Air, but is not so delighted when she meets up with a representative of the Royal Family to discuss her requirements. Tommy tries to ask Melody out on a date, but ends up accidentally buying tickets to Prague. Ian Foot dresses up as the type of people that try to enter the country, including South American, Scotsmen and Lady Gaga. The Woods family have their flight booked in for the next week instead of when they thought, so they stay at the airport for that time. In the end, it turns out that they miss their flight.

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