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In this episode, Omar Baba reveals Flylo’s latest schemes: flights to New York for £1 with a big catch, and upright “flat” beds in coach. Moses Beacon attempts to help a nervous passenger, but only worries her more. Ian Foot detains a woman with a suspicious passport, believing Liberia is not an actual country. Taaj Manzoor must diplomatically tell passengers that their flight is delayed when a wing falls off the plane. Melody must enforce FlyLo’s new baggage allowances and Keeley acquaints a passenger with the company website. Mickey and Buster receive a tip-off that Queen Elizabeth II is at the airport. Fearghal works with trainee steward Lee Lodge. Tommy has ambitions to be a pilot, and tries to work his way up from the airport burger bar. Precious Little closes her stall early claiming that there are no paper cups, and spends the day playing the fruit machines with petty cash. Peter and Judith describe their FlyLo Holidays ‘cruise from hell’. First Officer Jackie flirts with a member of air-traffic control, annoying Simon. Captain Stirrick is arrested for being drunk. Ben and James detain David Schwimmer for bringing illegal DVDs into the UK.

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