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Actors (Details) 1 2
Matt Lucas (Various Roles)
David Walliams (Various Roles)
Tom Baker (Narrator (voice))
David Arnold (Minicab Controller)
Valda Aviks (.)
Steve Benham (Fat fighter)
Di Botcher (.)
Adam Donkin (Ralph)
David Foxxe (Hairdresser's Friend / Judge)
Stirling Gallacher (Prime Minister's Wife)
Georgie Glen (Agent's First Secretary)
Anthony Head (The Prime Minister)
Barbara Keogh (Marjorie Dawes's Mum)
Paul Putner (Various Roles)
Sophie Raworth (Herself)
Ted Robbins (Restaurant Customer)
Sally Rogers (DIY Shed Supervisor)
Jordain Thomas (Cigaretteman)
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