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Season 9

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Ted Danson (Sam Malone)
Roger Rees (Robin Colcord)
Kirstie Alley (Rebecca Howe)
Eric Christmas (Father Barry)
Rhea Perlman (Carla Tortelli)
John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin)
Woody Harrelson (Woody Boyd)
Kelsey Grammer (Dr. Frasier Crane)
George Wendt (Norm Peterson)
Bebe Neuwirth (Dr. Lilith Sternin)
Randy Pelish (Customer, ...)
Tony DiBenedetto (Tony)
Peter Schreiner (Pete)
Stanley Bennett Clay (Deliveryman #1, ...)
Paul Willson (Paul Krapence)
Philip Perlman (Phil)
Keene Curtis (John Allen Hill)
Jackie Swanson (Kelly Gaines)
Anthony Cistaro (HenrĂ­)
Christopher Graves (Frederick Crane)
Kevin Graves (Frederick Crane)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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