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Season 6

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Total Runtime:
120 Minutes
Production Companies:
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Gary Sinise (Det. Mac Taylor)
Carmine Giovinazzo (Det. Danny Messer)
Eddie Cahill (Det. Donald „Don“ Flack, Jr.)
Anna Belknap (Det. Lindsay Monroe Messer)
Robert Joy (Dr. Sid Hammerback)
Sarah Carter (Haylen Becall)
A.J. Buckley (Laborant Adam Ross)
Hill Harper (Det. Dr. Sheldon Hawekes)
Melina Kanakaredes (Det. Stella Bonasera)
Gloria Votsis (Risa Calaveras)
Andrew Lawrence (Jake Calaveras)
Michelle Krusiec (Lisa Kim)
Greg Germann (Grave Digger)
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