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The Boondock Saints

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Actors (Details) 1 2
Willem Dafoe (Paul Smecker)
Norman Reedus (Murphy McManus, ...)
Sean Patrick Flanery (Connor McManus, ...)
David Della Rocco (Rocco)
David Ferry (Detective Dolly)
Brian Mahoney (Detective Duffy)
Billy Connolly (II Duce, ...)
Carlo Rota (Yakavetta)
Ron Jeremy (Vincenzo Lipazzi)
Michael Jakson (Nutte)
Clifton Collins Jr. (Romeo)
Julie Benz (Eunice Bloom)
Judd Nelson (Concezio Yakavetta)
Peter Fonda (The Roman)
Sweeney MacArthur (Jacob MacManus)
Bob Marley (Detective Greenly)
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