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Dungeons & Dragons

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Actors (Details) 1 2 3
Justin Whalin (Ridley Freeborn)
Jeremy Irons (Profion)
Thora Birch (Empress Savina)
Bruce Payne (Damodar)
Mark Dymond (Berek)
Clemency Burton-Hill (Melora)
Ellie Chidzey (Lux)
Tim Stern (Nim)
Roy Marsden (Oberon)
Steven Elder (Dorian)
Lucy Gaskell (Ormalene)
Geoffrey T. Bersey (Caltar)
David Merheb (Tibio)
Eleanor Gecks (Akordia)
Jack Derges (Grayson)
Anthony Howell (Ranfin)
Dominic Mafham (Mayor of Little Silver)
Beau Brasseaux (Barbarian)
Barry Aird (Bezz)
Austin Naulty (Barbarian)
Vladimir Kolev (Delgar)
Vladimir Vladimirov (Barman)
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