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Actors (Details) 1 2 3
Jeffrey Combs (Herbert West, ...)
Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain, ...)
Barbara Crampton (Megan Halsey)
David Gale (Dr. Carl Hill)
Robert Sampson (Dean Alan Halsey)
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Dr. Harrod)
Peter Kent (Melvin the Re-Animated)
Ian Patrick Williams (Swiss professor)
Claude Earl Jones (Lt. Leslie Chapham)
Fabiana Udenio (Francesca Danelli)
Kathleen Kinmont (Gloria)
Mel Stewart (Dr. Wilbur Graves)
Irene Forrest (Shelley)
Marge Turner (Elizabeth Chapham)
Mary Sheldon (Meg Halsey)
Tommy Dean Musset (Young Howard 'Howie' Phillips)
Jason Barry (Dr. Howard Phillips)
Bárbara Elorrieta (Emily Phillips)
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