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Total Runtime:
42 Minutes
Production Companies:
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Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Steven Culp (Morgan Tolliver)
Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt)
Tim Guinee (Tag Randolph)
Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby)
Zeljko Ivanek (Dr. Linus Wagner)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Jeffrey Nordling (Price Randolph)
Jack Plotnick (Brett Partridge)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Gregory Itzin (Virgil Minelli)
Xander Berkeley (Sheriff McAllister)
Douglas Spain (Hector Romerez)
Elpidia Carrillo (Mercedes O'Keefe)
Judith Hoag (Sandra Boatwright)
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Sound Department

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